A Nasty Bite

Read It, Write It, Eat It


I recently led a food writing workshop called “Read It, Write It, Eat It” through Nashville Story Studio, which might not seem like that big a deal — read some passages, suggest some writing exercises, and in this case, serve some brunch. But you know how the mind works. I worried that people wouldn’t like […]

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Here today, gone tomorrow

October flew by like a witch on a broom. And you know it’s a big month when Jimmy Fallon comes through town and instagrams Rotier’s. So in an attempt to process some of the action, I put together a list of highlights from last month as well as events to look forward to this month. […]

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Bites blog post for the Nashville Scene on Oct 31. Click HERE to read.

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(From Nashville Scene on Oct. 9.) The 16th annual Southern Foodways Symposium had not officially begun. But after climbing into a car pointed toward Mississippi with Nashville Lifestyles’ Erin Murray and author Alice Randall, it didn’t take long before we were scribbling notes. We talked cookbooks and novels. Art and social media. Music and marriage. Then […]

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Lessons from the cake pan


So you’re standing in the kitchen holding a bundt pan. You have to be at the party in 30 minutes, and it’s time to turn the cake out onto a plate that you’ll take to the host on his birthday. This is ballgame. Will it come out okay? Or will it all fall apart?

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